Rob Ricketts - How To Program Your 808 posters

Step by step visual guides on how to program classic beats
on the Roland 808 drum machine by Rob Ricketts.


Electroom Acoostap / Medline - Limited Edition 12"

Electroom Acoostap, is the new character created by Medline, representing his boom bap side. 
The talented french producer is also the dj behind the monthly Stuntman Show sponsored by

BETV 022 GeekSpeak w/ Torky Tork

Interview with Torky Tork at WKND SPCL #2 in Club Lido. Be on the lookout for his
excellently obscure PR110 album and of course the Torky Tork/Suff Daddy collaboration
album 'Carpet Patrol' - which is out now on MPM.